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Casino Checkbooks

The Casino Checkbook enables a Casino to develop a “Top Card Member” Reward Program that provides each member with Hundreds of Dollars in Savings at Casino shops and at various local area merchant locations.


Develop a Unique Casino Card Holders (Members) Reward Program with a Casino Checkbook

Casino Pauma


"Casino Top Card Holders receive a Checkbook worth $1,000 in discounts from the Casino and local area merchants!”


Reward your top Casino cardholders (members) with a casino Checkbook that offers them hundreds of dollars in savings at local area merchants plus check offers from various casino amenities.

Your Casino Checkbook will be comprised of offers from the Casino and approximately 20 merchants located in the casino’s prime cardholder zip codes.

The Casino Checkbook looks just like a regular checkbook with your Casino Logo imprinted on vinyl cover and on all checks, along with the checkbook merchant data.
The dollar amount on each check represents the savings for Casino Cardholders used under the terms on each check.  (Example: $15 check – terms on check - $15 redemption value with a purchase of $30 or more)

The Casino and TSM Advertising will make a package available to local merchants giving them an opportunity to be included in your Casino Checkbook.  It is projected that each checkbook will have a total redemption value of approximately $1,000.

The total checkbooks printed may vary – minimum quantity is 5,000.

Casino Checkbook users will easily redeem the offers by signing the check that is designated to a business sponsor, with any additional balance paid by cash, regular check or credit card.  (Each check will have a redemption expiration date)

TSM does the entire Checkbook layout and printing:

TSM will provide your Casino and participating retail sponsors with checkbook printing criteria.  TSM will provide all graphic design, layout and printing for the check offers and checkbook cover.  Once the cover design and all checkbook offers have been approved, TSM will print and ship the completed checkbooks to the Casino.


The Casino Checkbook is a great way to provide your Top Cardholders with a “Thank You Reward Program”, plus establish a positive relationship with participating merchants in your area.
TSM Advertising will complete all copy and layout from information supplied by the Casino and participating merchants and deliver the finished checkbooks to the casino.
Let The TSM Checkbook Work For Your Casino

For information on how the TSM Checkbook can help you increase your sponsorship revenue and build a fan loyalty program contact us at:

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All Rights Reserved 2009. Checkbooks produced by TSM Advertising, Inc. with the express permission from CheckmateRewards Patent No. 6,896,188