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Generate $100,000 + in new revenue with no up-front costs with The TSM Checkbook.


Broadcast Checkbook Promotions.

Checkbook for Radio Broadcast media

TSM has over 30 years experience in the broadcast industry creating “new business”
Sponsorship Sales Packages that deliver added revenue to the station bottom line.

The TSM Checkbook will deliver $100,000 in New Revenue with no up-front costs.

With the TSM Checkbook your station will offer meaningful discounts to your listeners.

Your checkbook will be comprised of offers from 25 to 30 participating local businesses.
With the TSM Checkbook promotion your station will develop a sales package allowing these station sponsors to participate in this unique/patented advertising promotion.

Your station Checkbook will look just like a regular checkbook with a vinyl cover with your stations logo imprinted on the cover and on all participating merchant checks.  The dollar amount on each check represents the savings for station listeners, used under the terms on the check (Example $15 check – terms on the check - $15 redemption value with the purchase of $30 or more).  Your checkbook sponsors will select the discount offer and terms that a customer would redeem at their business.

Customers of your station participating checkbook sponsors will easily redeem the offers by signing the check that is designated for their business, with any additional balance paid by cash, regular check or credit card. (It is suggested that each check have an expiration date of 6 months)

Your station will work with TSM to develop a sales package consisting of station spots, website inventory and other station inventory and TSM production costs – all totaling one package price – suggested a 3 month package – sold to between 25 and 30 merchants.

Your station my choose from many distribution options including:

  • On-air promotional announcements directing listeners to your station web site for ways they can get a checkbook.
  • On-air promo’s directing listeners to remote broadcasts and other station events to pick up their checkbook.
  • Promo’s directing listeners to checkbook sponsor locations to pick up their free station checkbook.

Your station may choose to sell a checkbook “Title Sponsorship” package.  The Title Sponsor would provide distribution for some of the station checkbooks through their customers or clients – Example:  members of a local credit Union.

TSM Advertising will complete all copy and layout for all offers in your station checkbook.  Will layout your station checkbook cover art for your approval and deliver completed checkbooks to your station.

For more information on pricing and station revenue examples contact TSM Advertising – 619-890-4222.

All Rights Reserved 2009. Checkbooks produced by TSM Advertising, Inc. with the express permission from CheckmateRewards Patent No. 6,896,188