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Non-Profit Checkbook

The Non-Profit checkbook is designed to help non profit organizations, large and small, raise large dollars and reward those who donate.


Local Non Profit Fundraiser Checkbook

Escondido Youth Baseball

The TSM Checkbook is a unique way for Non-Profit organizations to generate major dollars in new revenue.  With the Checkbook non-profit organizations can reward contributors by giving them a checkbook worth hundreds of dollars in savings at local merchants.

Non-Profit checkbooks will also drive hundreds, if not thousands, of new customers into local merchants participating in the program.

The Non-Profit Checkbook will work for Little Leagues, Soccer Leagues, Churches, Schools and so forth.  Non-Profit Checkbooks can also be utilized as a significant fundraising vehicle by major charitable organizations.

For further information on how the non-profit and charitable programs can work for your organization contact TSM Advertising, Inc. 619-890-4222.

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